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SEP 28th


CounterPoint Music Festival

Vertigo Entertainment is pleased to announce the brand-new CounterPoint music festival.

C3 Presents, MCP, and Liquified have joined forces to bring CounterPoint, a new two-day music and arts festival, to Atlanta, Georgia this September 28 and 29, 2012. The multi-stage festival with camping options will be held at the location of 2007′s The Echo Project, a 350-acre, scenic Chattahoochee river front property just south of metropolitan Atlanta. Partnering with local businesses, restaurants, artists and more, CounterPoint is expanding upon the format of its predecessor with the inclusion of interactive elements throughout the festival grounds. In addition to a stellar music lineup, planned environments include an arts village, extreme sports demonstrations, a beer garden featuring local breweries, a food truck component, local chefs, and a college football viewing area. Detailed information and performers will be released in the coming weeks.

Produced by C3 Presents (Austin City Limits Music Festival, Lollapalooza) and MCP Presents (Camp Bisco, Lights All Night, The Echo Project), CounterPoint marks the first partnership for the two companies.

“As the Southeast’s beacon of culture and diversity, Atlanta is the ideal location to launch CounterPoint.” states CounterPoint Co-Producer and MCP Partner Brett Keber. ”We are partnering with local vendors, restaurants, chefs, breweries, artists and musicians in order to create a world-class event that is also uniquely Atlanta.”

Located approximately 30 minutes travel time from Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, CounterPoint plans on bringing the city to the pristine festival site. Elements such as preferred viewing areas, VIP table service, multiple VIP levels, and car service will be available. Daily express shuttle service to and from Atlanta as well as day parking will also be offered for those guests not wishing to camp onsite.

Ticket Info coming soon…

JUN 14th


Afrojack @ The Tabernacle


With a peerless reputation as a producer , his signature style is bringing him the kind of remix requests that most dance artists will only ever dream of. (for example Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ and Madonna’s ‘Revolver’) Gig-wise, he’s rocked the world’s biggest floors including Pacha Ibiza, Miami Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival in LA. Afrojack’s rise to fame as a producer has brought him a roll call of A-list champions – from Pete Tong to David Guetta, and Josh Wink to Fedde Le Grand, along the way collaborating with some of the world’s most respected producers and artists like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Kid Cudi, Pitbull and Black Eyed Peas.

Ticket Info coming soon...

DEC 1st


By  Magalie Noebes

90s Night @ Flip Flops (ATeL & Vertigo)

Teen nick brought it back, 94.1 brought it back, and on December 1st Vertigo Entertainment and ATeL brought the 90’s back to Atlanta with full force. Downtown Atlanta bar, Flip Flops, has finally opened its doors up to 18 year olds and up, so, ATeL and Vertigo decided to celebrate every 90’s baby that could come out and party. Everyone at Flip Flops enjoyed dancing, drinking (if they were of age), and especially throwing back to the 90’s. December 1st was only the kick off night to this monthly 90’s House party that you would only have to be an 80’s kid to miss. To start off Flip Flops is not your usual party venue. No ostentatious lights, no staff members with an attitude to match dark sketchy rooms, just a chill atmosphere that actually makes partygoers care free and relaxed to party. With two levels Flip Flops provides a beach-like environment that made you forget that it was 38 degrees outside and want to throw on a bikini or swim trunks and throw back a few of the $5 frozen drinks (in assorted flavors) that the bar was providing. When you walk in a packed room and pounding house music greeted you. The bar was swarmed with people ordering frozen, or regular drinks, and people everywhere were smiling and dancing. While the lower level was a blast for most, the upper level was where the real house party was happening. As you walked up the stairs, (slowly, might I add due to how crowded the steps were) it was like you were being thrown into a time machine. Once you reached the top the house music from downstairs faded into the 90’s hits we all grew up with. Party people were raising the roof and belting Mm-Bop all with nostalgic smiles on their faces. The DJ covered all the 90’s bases from 17-year-old Britt Spears to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If, somehow, the music didn’t send you back to the 90’s what the guests wore did. Bold flower prints, cropped tops with suspenders, combat boots with dresses, boldly colored high-tops with equally neon hats filled the room. Because what’s a 90’s party if you aren’t going to dress the part right? So, obviously if you weren’t at Flip Flops on December 1st, you missed out on one of the best opportunities to relive your childhood, while still reveling in your adult hood by partying. ATeL and Vertigo entertainment did it again by throwing a party providing an amazing theme at a perfect location. If you missed out on the first there is no need to worry because you could always make it in January, or February or March… because ATeL and Vertigo’s house party at Flip Flops is a monthly event. So get your outfits ready and try and memorize some lyrics from your past because you are not going to want to miss out when the party hits Atlanta, one more time.

OCT 27th


By  Magalie Noebes

Hauntlanta (Atlanta's Halloween Party)

How did you spend your Thursday night Halloween weekend? If you were down for the biggest, hottest, craziest costume party in Atlanta you were at Primal nightclub for Hauntlanta. With over 2,000 costume-clad partiers, the line stretching around the block was buzzing with excitement over the night’s headliner North Carolina native Porter Robinson, amongst other badass DJ’s swapping sets in the four rooms Primal has to offer. If you were out of the loop and for some absurd reason not at Hauntlanta, here’s a break down for you so maybe next year you too can be a part of one of the biggest Halloween parties in Atlanta. Walking into Primal you were greeted immediately by waves of light; the entire color spectrum being reflected in all directions creating a wonderland of bright lights. In Halloween spirit the club was decorated over the top with spider webs, haunting ghouls, horrifying masks and of course lights were everywhere you turned. The only thing that amplified the haunting scenery was the staff. They were obviously dressed to impress in their Halloween gear, ranging from sexy devils to a giant pink bunny. While there were different rooms and the outside available for dancing and multiple musical options the stage room was where many gravitated. The biggest room of the venue was the most over the top. Lights in every color from every direction were being reflected off a ceiling of disco balls creating an inescapable kaleidoscope of color. Needless to say Hauntlanta was not about to skimp on expenses when it came to creating the most haunting rave atmosphere for the guests impatiently waiting to get in. The night started out with some Electro House in the biggest room, with a lot of energy. The crowd slowly trickled in but suddenly (but not unexpectedly) in a matter of seconds each room seemed packed to capacity. Whether it was the Halloween spirit or the marvelous vibes of each room’s pounding sounds, no one had a displeased look on their face. Wandering around each room I found a different crowd having their own sort of fun. The Guitar bar at one point was playing pulsing house music with an excited crowd of movement following the sounds. The Sky bar had a relaxed group of more social partygoers, taking pictures and complementing one another’s costume in friendly conversation. The outside wrapped around from the exit of the stage room to the other side of the venue. With a fire place, a mini lounge and pseudo studio for eager partiers to get their pictures taken on one side; and a bar, DJ booth, an poi fire spinners on the other, the outside served as a wonderful balance of hangout and party. If you decided that the outside wasn’t exciting or pulsing enough for you, it would only take a few short steps toward the door of the stage room to feel the energy of the packed room on the other side of the doors. Starting his set at One-thirty AM Porter Robinson had everyone, literally way over half of the party packed into the main room. Shoulder to shoulder all the party monsters that showed had their hands up and bodies swaying to the 19-year-old’s sounds. The headliner of the night did not disappoint. With a room full of bodies, dancing, swaying, moving, touching, it was hard to get from one end of the room to the other. One had to literally either shove or dance their way through the crowd if they wanted to get outside, but who wanted to? With an artist like Robinson making such an impact on the crowd its obvious he made a huge impact on Atlanta’s party scene. Overall Hauntlanta was an obvious success. Needless to say things got a little crazy. Girls got on tables, guys got on girls, lights were flashing, and fire and music were spun. Ask anyone who went and they will tell you that Hauntlanta was the sickest night they have had in a long while. Vertigo Entertainment, ATeL events, along with the other affiliates who contributed to this outstanding kick-off to Halloween weekend deserves humongous congratulations on such a successful night. Hauntlanta was back and on full blast the night of the 27th and if you’re interested in checking out pictures or videos check out the rest of the website or like our Facebook page at